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IWT Srl markets itself as the leading Company in designing and manufacturing industrial washing equipment, automation systems inclusive of vacuum transport systems and solutions for the decontamination and sanitization, those specifically engineered for the pre-clinical research field and pharmaceutical production industry.

The Company works in a niche market which over the last few years has witnessed a constant increase in the number of competitors. This has meant that IWT has kept a close eye on its product prices, whilst ensuring that customer expectations, regarding the high quality and reliability of the products, are fully met along with a strong focus on product innovation and an after-sales service that is both timely and effective. 

IWT Srl aims at winning and maintaining the customer’s trust and at developing only the most efficient suppliers so as to guarantee the sustainability, quality, efficiency and effectiveness of both product and service.
Our primary goal is to satisfy and even to exceed the quality standards required by our customers abiding by the regulations, legal requirements and specifications that have been agreed. The efforts of the company and its personnel need, therefore, are directed towards an effective and responsible management of all issues related to quality by means of a Quality System certified according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 norm by defining the principal company processes and analysing the related risks.

IWT has always adopted, and it will continue to adopt, a continuous improvement philosophy. Referring to the most updated topics in this field, the Company is applying WCM methodologies and has developed the IWT Production System (IPS).
IWT Srl is strenghtening the partnership with suppliers, who are not considered mere material and service providers, by sharing common qualitative goals, needs and expectations - the same that clients expect from us.

Our people, each according to his role, must be inspired by ethical and professional principles ingrained in the Company organisation, respecting such principles and encouraging their diffusion both internally and externally, meaning customers, suppliers, third parties public or private bodies with whom there are ongoing dealings.

Along with quality, we promote a programme involving safety and work hygiene. Such essential activities are considered a part of the internal context of the company and are indissolubly integrated within working activities at every level. Furthermore, in addition to the provisions of the mandatory regulations on health and safety at work, the concept of "order and cleanliness" of the departments and offices (5S concepts) is a basic and indispensable prerogative to guarantee adequate accident prevention, and to ensure a healthy work environment.

Employees must be responsible for their own behaviour and for compliance with personal protection requirements, accident prevention and sanitary measures, including external people or those visiting.

Through the Quality Management System and Safety undertaking, IWT Srl intends to define guide lines whose aims and results point towards:

The Company therefore undertakes on an annual basis and through the Quality Management Committee to monitor and evaluate causes of product non-conformity, inefficiencies, disputes or accidents, and to share necessary the taken corrective and preventive action plans.

In 2022, IWT Srl started its route towards the Environmental Management System certification according to the UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 norm, which will be completed in 2023; both the mission and environmental goals set by the company are reported in the Environmental Policy documentation.

To this end, pursuing a continuous improvement and prevention policy as regards quality, hygiene, safety, IWT srl undertakes to reassess periodically its Quality Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems plan and, in particular, this present document.