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At IWT, we have always believed that our people are our greatest asset. That's why we consider it crucial to acknowledge and enhance their merit, upholding sustainability, equality, and respect as fundamental pillars of our corporate ethos to foster organizational well-being.

In this vein, we are delighted to unveil the implementation of IWT's Gender Equality Policy, aligned with the establishment of a Gender Equality Management System in accordance with UNI/PdR 125:2022.

Our objective is to foster a tangible culture of inclusive access to corporate roles and career progression, championing female empowerment and ensuring equal opportunities for all employees through the pursuit of gender equality.

To actualize this vision into reality, we have translated our aspirations into measurable goals, whose attainment will be tracked through key performance indicators (KPIs). Our aims and interventions span across all domains, including:

At IWT, gender equality stands as a cornerstone of civilization and the assertion of universal rights. Cultivating and nurturing a culture of gender equality through daily actions, we believe, forms the bedrock for creating value and fostering development, ensuring outstanding performance grounded in merit and enduring sustainability.

Because at IWT, we don't make differences. At IWT, we make the difference!