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Presentation Racks - Cages, Tops and Wirelids, Bottles

Logistics thought to remain in the inner loop of the cage wash area and to work in conjunction with rack washers

  • Universal racks to accomodate multi-type of cages enhancing flexibility
  • High density design to maximize washing throughput
  • Bottle washing kit featuring quick-lock connection and rotating arms
  • Available in “standard” or “baby” sizes to suit available operational spaces and meeting operators’ needs
  • Alternative racks available for rabbit and guinea pig trays and cages
  • Presentation rack for aquatic tanks to work in conjunction with the related rack washer option
  • Standard design for manual applications and custom solutions for automation or special requirements
  • Specific racks for IVC tops washing to increase performance avoiding unpleasant water pooling
  • Miscellaneous accessories for special applications to be integrated or attached to the racks above (e.g. AWS and IVC valves washing kits)

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