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The lighthouse that will lead you in the daily operations on your system has finally a name, Polaris, an HMI (Human Machine Interface), much more than a simple touch screen, where on top of the intuitive graphic and usability is available, as a standard, a comprehensive set of embedded functionalities and features:

  • LiteView: smart-phone and table app for remote monitoring and setting (cycle parameters and self-start data), inclusive of a “blackboard” to send messages to the screen in the cage wash area
  • TeleService: full control process, self-diagnostic logic and live P&ID charts combined with remote connectivity via internet (on customer’s permission) for troubleshooting and software upgrades directly from the factory
  • eMeter: data collection and statistics on the machine consumptions (electricity, water and detergents)
  • USB port: cycles, alarms and eMeter data downloadable in digital format
  • Self-Start: a weekly programmable functionality to automatically switch on and prepare your unit
  • Self-Clean: a dedicated cycle to rinse chamber, lines and tanks when a drain process is requested
  • Web-cams: available on robotics to enhance remote visibility and simplify communications through barriers

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