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Welcome to ARCADIA, the Red Tunnel Washer!
// November, 2018

Welcome to ARCADIA, the Red Tunnel Washer!

ARCADIA, the latest pillar of the Red Washers portfolio, represents, in conjunction with the already legendary Atlantis, the benchmark for any modern lab animal facility worldwide.

Below are some of the new ARCADIA benefits compared to previous existing models:

  • Up to 40% water consumption reduction
  • At least 15% footprint reduction versus comparable configurations
  • Better ergonomics with a conveyor loading height of 900mm – 3’
  • Higher loading capacity given by a tunnel height of 460mm – 18”
  • Reduced operator maintenance through a self-cleaning inline filtration
  • Easier accessibility thanks to the fully openable modules with automatic sliding up doors
  • Plastic mould-injected conveyor belt which allows IVC tops inclined presentation

Visit ARCADIA product page or download the brochure to find out more!

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