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We want you to take it…easy!
// February, 2015

We want you to take it…easy!

The most comprehensive family of bedding handling products in the lab animal industry has been enhanced even further with the introduction of the new EasyBHS lines.

The EasyBHS system, designed for both waste disposal or bedding dispensing, is specifically engineered for small to medium rodent facilities that want to improve their operational efficiency, reducing the amount of time wasted in manually handling materials and at the same time guaranteeing proper operator protection from allergens and dust exposure.

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The uniqueness of the solution is perfectly described by the “Easy” brand, what does it mean to us?

  • Easy is… simple installation, very compact dimensions make each unit perfect for new builds or retro fit to existing facilities!
  • Easy is… simple integration, an all-in-one technical compartment (filtration, vacuum pump and control box), a disposal station or a dispenser, a loading funnel or a waste collector and the system is set!
  • Easy is… simple operations, push a button and the system is ready to go!
  • Easy is… simple monitoring and controlling, a smartphone and tablet app to be one click away at any time!

Contact your local representative now to see how “easily” it can fit in your vivarium.

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