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RED WASHERS AK-KAB Certified. Facts are the best claim!
// March, 2019

RED WASHERS AK-KAB Certified. Facts are the best claim!

Arcadia, the recently launched new IWT Tunnel Washer, is joining Atlantis Rack Washer and Oceanus Cabinet Washer in receiving the official AK-KAB certificate from SGS.

SGS is one of the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company appointed to challenge our equipment and release the independent certifications which are an indisputable proof of the capability of IWT machines to accomplish all the performance evaluation checks described in the chapter 7 of the AK-KAB protocol.

AK-KAB protocol, recognized by FELASA (link here), is describing a clear and repeatable method to test and assess washing, decontamination, rinsing and drying performance needed to ensure flawless operations in a modern animal facility.

IWT Red Washers can proudly announce their certified capabilities and set themselves as the LAS industry benchmark for efficiency and efficacy.




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