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Our Partners View – Calypso at KCL
// September, 2018

Our Partners View – Calypso at KCL

IWT is proud to introduce King’s College London Aquatic Facility, one of the world leading facility specialized in zebrafish scientific research with over 3,200 tanks and 10,000 litre system volume. 

KCL has always invested heavily in automation, including nine fully automated feeding robots (Tritone), and recently installed a Calypso aquatic washer. 

Calypso now allows KCL’s team to have a standardize washing process, which ensures 100% clean residue-free tanks every time, in just 23 minutes fully validated cycle, this guarantee a quick turnaround of tanks in a  busy aquatic facility.

Let’s experience together the genuine and enthusiastic feedback from Will, one of the users that everyday operates with Calypso.

To find out more about Calypso Aquatic Washer, please visit

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