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Open house, the IWT Training Activity Center
// April, 2017

Open house, the IWT Training Activity Center

Every year hundreds of visitors are hosted in our state-of-the-art facilities. For the Tecniplast group it is an honor and a pleasure to welcome guests to witness our sites and experience our daily activities and challenges, the best way to feel our passion and touch at first-hand our innovation. Passion and innovation are not just a simple claim in our brand but the common thread which guides everyone’s operations each and every day.

Today I’d like to focus on the TAC (Training Activity Center) building, which is more than a pure showroom but a fully running cage wash area thought out with the aim of providing a unique hub for training, testing and hosting hands-on-product sessions with clients.

The TAC building is located in the IWT campus, with over 650m2 – 7000ft2 it has been specifically designed to mimic a typical washing area layout with equipment installed as in real final conditions:

  • A dirty preparation area with EasyBHS  bedding handling system for waste management
  • A dirty-clean barrier with Atlantis rack washer, Oceanus cabinet washer and Easy bottle washer
  • A clean side with BDS+ bedding dispensing system and bottle filler
  • A plant area for the vacuum system, remote chemicals management and clean bedding storage and delivery
  • A sterilization area with EasyDecon chamber with on-board dBox H2O2 generator

This exclusive setup, where everything is fully functioning, makes the TAC a perfect facility to enhance guests’ experience:

  • Clients can interact with equipment and find things out down to the last detail
  • Custom tests can be performed live to challenge the equipment as per customer wish
  • Architects and planners can appreciate the finishes for installation and service requirements
  • Large groups can attend interactive workshops and symposiums

Training is one of the most crucial activities in Tecniplast. Every year the TAC is becoming the practice field for multiple purpose and multiple level courses. Account managers, project managers and service engineers are on a regular basis invited to attend classes in order to keep up with the constantly evolving and renovating portfolio. In those sessions beginners can immediately familiarize themselves with the machines and the typical restrictions of our industry (e.g. concept of barriers and quarantine rules) while advanced colleagues can “get their hands dirty” to discover the latest technical elements.

Don’t hesitate to contact your local representative and be the next to enjoy your tailored Tecniplast experience!     

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