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Easydecon: innovative decontamination solutions
// December 2013

Easydecon: innovative decontamination solutions

IWT has recently launched a new decontamination chamber, the EASYDECON.

A perfect blend of knowledge of the market, feedback of clients and planners, passionate R&D team as well as the innovative spirit of the company allowed IWT launch to the market the EASYDECON, a compact and basic chamber for low temperature decontamination by means of vaporized hydrogen peroxide.
This new decontamination chamber features some innovative solutions that allow tangible benefits for the end user like:

  • reduced thickness of the floor that eliminates the need of a pit;
  • reduced footprint that allow installations in corridors and recessed spaces;
  • on board catalyst filters that cuts out the need of any ventilation system linked to the building infrastructure;
  • built-in Hydrogen Peroxide vapour generator;
  • excellent performances validated on spores of Geobacillus Stearothermophilus 10A6;

and many others.

Please contact us to find out more in this new product!

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