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BC-Plast - Innovation can be small in size but great in principle
// September, 2016

BC-Plast - Innovation can be small in size but great in principle

The proven transversal knowhow of Tecniplast group and its unique depth of portfolio for lab animal applications brought to the development of the next generation of accessories for the bottle handling. Bc-Plast combines the functionality and flexibility of previous designs but taking the reliability and ease of use to another level.

  • Autoclavable full plastic construction with crushproof structure:
    The BC-Plast bottle crates are molded injected in a single piece using a glass-filled polyphthalamide (PPA) which exceeds standards in heat, moisture and chemical resistance. The unique plastic design, by nature, is guarantee of no bending and proper shape even under intense usage and handling.
  • Patented quick lock & release embedded lid
    A patented solution allows to avoid the annoying removable lids used to hold in place the bottles when manipulated upside down. An embedded grid permits to lock or release bottles with a simple sliding movement; this improves any activity from cage changing to washing especially when combined with the drawer style transport trolleys.
  • 35% lighter than ever
    With less than 3 kg (6.5 lbs) of weight, the BC-Plast is at least 35% lighter than any previous S/S crate. That, combined with the easy mechanism to access the bottles, is synonymous of top in class for ergonomics.
  • Flexible to accommodate different bottle sizes
    The BC-Plast comes as a standard in two possible configurations capable to accommodate bottles from 200ml (13oz) to 400ml (26oz). Please consult us for special custom needs.
  • Suitable for manual and automated processing
    This next generation accessories has been developed to be compatible with the most common equipment, from the more manual emptying  washing and filling lines to the fully automatized systems. The BC-Plast can be the constant in your flows of today and tomorrow

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