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BC-P… antent!
// December, 2018

BC-P… antent!

BC-Plast, the most innovative plastic bottle crate in the market is finally officially patented

BC-Plast landed in the industry during the Bruxelles FELASA in summer 2016 and since then it has been a great success with almost 10.000 units delivered.

Such a great innovation obviously needs to be properly protected and IWT is proud to announce the achievement of both Italian (nr. 102016000027053) and European (nr. 3219642) patents.

BC-Plast expresses the synergies of the Tecniplast group at best: in-house mould design and mould injection capabilities, deep animal facilities flows and cage handling needs.



BC-Plast brings the following benefits:

  • Autoclavable full plastic construction with crushproof structure
  • quick lock & release embedded lid
  • 35% lighter than ever
  • Flexible to accommodate different bottle sizes
  • Suitable for manual and automated processing

Visit BC-Plast product page, download BC-Plast dedicated brochure or contact us to find out more!


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