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// January, 2022


Another IWT Red washer is now EGNATON Certified for its sustainable design.

IWT is proud to announce that the Arcadia Tunnel Washer has been certified by EGNATON reaching the GOLD level. IWT has been the first company which certifies its washers in LAS market to demonstrate incontestably the “green soul” of their products.

Egnaton is the European Association for Sustainable Laboratories, find out more at the following link:


The certification process is a big commitment and achievement for the organization, it involves the collection of several data, it implies multiple audits and everything goes beyond the pure consumptions but it requires also to demonstrate:

  • equipment modularity and usability
  • parts availability and recyclability
  • machinery life-span
  • company general organization:
    • quality assurance
    • safety
    • R&D
    • documentation
    • training

The EGNATON protocol is having a strong correlation with the AK KAB one. The figures metered and provided during the execution process are required to calculate the LCC (Life-Cycle-Cost), foundation of the EGNATON certification itself. Those consumptions data must relate to the washing program used and declared in the performance certification according to AK KAB protocol mandatorily released by a third party testing laboratory.

IWT is, right now, the only company capable to demonstrate both washing performances and sustainable design through official and independent certifications. We are proud to continue on the path of the professional and transparent communication with our business partners, facts over claims!

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