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A new benchmark in operational efficiency… Atlantis®
// October, 2014

A new benchmark in operational efficiency… Atlantis®

Atlantis incorporates IWT’s validated washing and rinsing technologies to become the most innovative, efficient, and flexible cage and rack washer in the market.

Atlantis comes in three different configurations depending upon chamber size, operational performance, applications and optional features: EASY, EVO and XL.

Among other conveniences, Atlantis requires only 100mm (4-inch) deep pit and it can be installed and operated between solid walls with complete frontal access for maintenance and service.







Atlantis’ washing performance is independently validated to thoroughly wash rodent cages, large animal cages with racks, IVC racks, and bottles and accessories.

Plus, Atlantis utilizes our scrubbing-free patented process, OxiPlus®, on demand, to wash and deliver squeaky-clean and residue-free aquatic tanks.

When compared to the A-Class 900GP, Atlantis offers even more:

  • 10% increased throughput (up to 900 type IIL cage/ hour) with no extra water or energy intakes
  • 50% increased total water force of impact for effective cleaning
  • 10 to 20% less footprint requirement (up to 1.9m² – 20.5ft² of floor area saved)


Atlantis comes with an unmatched variety of options and accessories, some of which can be easily retro-fitted enabling scalable growth based upon your operation needs and budget.

Atlantis can be equipped with a built-in hydrogen peroxide vapor generator combined with a fast aeration kit and a catalytic carbon filter, for the safest and simplest decontamination process. Some of the benefits of the dBox® are:

  • Enhanced H2O2 distribution throughout the chamber
  • Safe and rapid decomposition at the end of the cycle
  • No need of a separate exhaust duct to evacuate the gases
  • Faster decontamination cycle


Atlantis is the first rack washer in the market integrated with a patented on-board exhaust conditioning configuration which eliminates the need of a dedicated duct. The system captures the energy dissipated into the chamber or inside the room and utilizes it to preheat the rinsing water and cool down the environment. Some of the benefits are:

  • Faster heating in between cycles
  • Reduced steam consumption (over 60.000kg-130.000lbs of steam saved per year)
  • Lower CO2 emissions into the environment (annual reduction of over 13.000kg-28.500lbs)
  • No cost associated to the exhaust duct and easier installation
  • Reduced HVAC needs

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