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650A: The First cabinet washer specifically designed for aquatic tanks washing!
// July 2014

650A: The First cabinet washer specifically designed for aquatic tanks washing!

Thanks to over 18 months of R&D, tests and in-vivo trials, IWT has been able to develop a solution and engineer an effective and patented process for aquatic applications.

After the official launch in the market of this machine, more than 15 installtion can be already counted worlwide with a growing appeal outcoming from real happy customers.

Before the debut of this machine in the fish facility, the wash tank was 100% manual, with the following drawbacks:

  • Footprint (soaking tanks and sinks required)
  • Large volumes of water
  • Chemicals (personnel risks, products can be toxic for fish)
  • Damage to tanks and accessories (abrasion of surfaces by brushes or (non)abrasive  pads, results in an increased surface area in which biofilms and algae can find house)

IWT’s 650A is the only washing system that removes algae and biofilm during the washing cycle, without manually scrubbing the tanks!

The perfect combination of mechanical action, load coverage, pressures, flows, temperatures, surfactant-free chemicals, concentrations, dedicated presentation rack, delivers perfectly clean and residue-free tanks.

650A is:

  • A turn-key system to get rid of algae and biofilm without pre-scrubbing.
  • Effective microbiological desinfection to reduce bacteria growth.
  • Proven wash and rinse performance.
  • Custom presentation racks and equipment designed to enhance washing performance.
  • Flexibility to process a variety of aquatic accessories.

The high throughput and consequently reduced labour and water consumption are resulting in a fast payback time (almost within 3 years)!

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