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650A Aquatic washing machine - Proven solution to make
// June 2015

650A Aquatic washing machine - Proven solution to make

This is the title of an interesting interview released by a German customer concerning our washer specifically designed to clean the fish tanks: the 650A.

The machine installed at this customer site is the second one out of 22 units spread all around the world.

It has been operating almost for 2 years totally maintaining the initial positive expectations: algae and biofilms, worst enemies for all plastics tanks, always required regular basis long time consuming and labor intensive action with relevant consume of detergents and rinse water without gaining any considerable results.

Employing the new 650A has enhanced the threshold of cleanness, reduced wastes (rinse water, detergents…) and also man-work time dedicated to this task.

This interview will be published on the next issue of Panorama newsletter and in any case, please, feel free to contact our local partner for any further information related to the 650A machine and if you desire to read the complete document.

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