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400 M² entièrement dédiés aux activités Pharma, ligne d'assemblage et show room
// Novembre 2016

400 M² entièrement dédiés aux activités Pharma, ligne d'assemblage et show room

Continuant notre engagement envers l'industrie et pour faire suite au développement d'IWT dans le marché de la production pharmaceutique toutes les activités relatives à ces produits des visites clients et jusqu'aux FAT sont menées dans une zone dédiée de 400M²




Such project was developed with the aim to make available to our most valued customers and worldwide partners an exclusive facility to:

  • appreciate the state of the art equipment allowing real “hands on product” sessions
  • perform cleaning tests on specific and challenging loads/products/detergents at any time;
  • carry out training for technicians, sales people, customers;
  • maintain a clear separation between different equipment manufactured and assembled using different types of materials and components

The development was completed during the Summer and officially opened on the 18th of August 2014 with the FAT of two part washers delivered to site at the beginning of this month.

The new Pharma area offers several benefits such as:

  • floor, walls and ceilings painted in light colours to maximize the cleanliness of the environment;
  • large meeting room adjacent to the exhibition/assembly/testing area
  • dedicated closet for the storage of different types of chemicals for testing purposes
  • lockers for the housing of the calibrated instruments used for the qualification activities;
  • fully equipped test area to facilitate the cleaning assessment on completion of the tests;

Looking forward to seeing you soon in Casale Litta.

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