Privacy Statement for Customers - English


Our Company, IWT S.r.l. with its registered office in Italy – Casale Litta (VA), Via 1Galliani n.68b, Holder of the Personal Data Processing, as provided for by article 13 of the Legislative Decree no.196/2003, herewith informs you about the following: 

  1. Your personal data are made up of common data such as, for instance, personal identification data, economic and financial data, the company name, registered offices, bank references, IT references and telephone numbers. Your data may be processed for the hereafter following reasons: ​
    1. a) The compliance with the obligations under or related to the performance of the sales contract entered into with the Distributor, of the related obligations of managerial, administrative and accounting nature, of the maintenance obligations and for credential references; 
    2. b) statistic purposes related to the data concerning your economic activities disclosed during the performance of the Contract, so as to optimize the commercial relations (subject to data anonymity);
    3. c) possible defensive needs. 
  2.  The processing shall be carried out by means of manual and/or IT and electronic instruments, and anyhow suitable to guarantee the safety and confidentiality of the data. 
  3.  The communication of the data is optional, but their communication is anyhow necessary for the performance of the aforesaid purposes, the denial of consent shall not allow the performance of the specific purposes herein set forth. 
  4. Your data may be communicated to: 
    • ​​audit firms in compliance with the legal obligations of accounting nature; 
    • Certifying Bodies for the compliance with the ISO standards and regulations; 
    • suppliers of products and/or services for the performance of the contract and/or for related obligations; 
    • public contracting entities and other customers for the certification of the technical and professional requirements, limited to the data concerning the execution of economic activities in compliance with article 24, paragraph 1, letter d); 
    • the Administration, in compliance with the legal obligations; 
    • bank institutions and insurance companies for the performance of the contract; 
    • third parties so as to ensure the exercise of the right of defence, (law firms) or judicial Authorities, in compliance with orders issued by the latter. 
  5. ​The aforesaid subjects may operate in their quality of autonomous Holders or in their role of Data Managers or external Appointees of the personal data processing. The before mentioned data may be communicated to third parties solely in case of need for purposes of prevention, assessment or repression of offences, in compliance with the regulations providing for this subject. 
  6. Your data shall be processed by the Data Managers and the Holder of the processing of the following functions: Administrative , Industrial & Manufacturing ,including Logistic and Purchasing, Security, IT Systems, Customer Project Services, Quality, Technical Office, Sales and Marketing , each one according to its own competences. 
  7. Your data may be transferred also in Extra EU Countries to Companies belonging to the Group, in accordance with the law. 
  8. You shall have the right to exercise your rights towards the Holder of the processing in any and all moments, as provided for by article 7 of the Legislative Decree no. 196/2003, such as the rights to access, amend, integrate and cancel them as well as opt out of the processing in compliance with the legal provisions. The right to opt out from the processing may be exercised in any moment concerning the processing related to promotional activities. You may exercise your rights by forwarding a communication to the Company Registered Office, in the attention of the Holder or the Data Manager of the management of the requests of the interested parties, also by taking advantage of the e-mail address: Moreover, the updated and complete list of Data Managers by forwarding a written request to the Holder’s Registered Offices.